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BETTOWOOD New Materials Tech. Co., Ltd is the leading professional manufacturer and exporter for WPC Industries in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, established in 2006. We specialized in the manufacturing, design and sales of WPC decking, siding, screen & partition, railing & fencing, tiling & planters and various of WPC panels for building decoration.

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The fire classification of conventional composite is Cf1, Smoke production S2, can not use for outdoor wall panel decoration and most public places. The fire classification of BettoWood is Bf1, Smoke production S1, can use for different of outdoor siding decorations and kinds of public places.


Conventional composite is short of strength, poor loading capacity, easily occur crumbling, cracking, damage, collapse etc. BettoWood entered the Forbidden City in 2015, carrying nearly 80,000 tourists from home and abroad every day. Despite years of trials, Bettowood is still intact.


Conventional composite is poor in weather resistance, generally about 3-6 months will be a little fading while 1-2 years will fade by a large margin. BettoWood 10 years no color fading capped by PVC, while 60 years capped by ASA.


Conventional composite use PE/PP as raw material, shrinkage rate is up to 3%-6%, easily warping deformation. BettoWood use PVC as raw material, shrinkage rate is limited within to 0.15%, very stable.


Due to the wood fiber, conventional composite’s scratch resistance is poor, when trampling increase, surface pattern also gradually dropped. BettoWood was capped by super high weatherability material, no matter how trample, the pattern will not drop color
Composite WPC Guardrail Makes Our Life Safer and More Secure
Composite WPC Guardrail Makes Our L...MORE+

BettoWood's new guardrail is user-friendly and rounded at the corners of the armrests and columns. This guardrail has go...

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